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Community Health Nurse



Background Information:

The School for Enrolled Community Health Nurses and Midwives was built in 1976 with funds provided by The United States Government through the University of California MCH/FP Project. The main aim was to improve the quality of care for Gambian mothers and children through the reduction of preventable maternal and infant morbidity and mortality. With the adoption of Primary Health Care in 1980, supervision and management of Village Health Services became an important focal point.


The School is non-residential and students are given a mega stipend to allow them to stay in any of the PHC villages surrounding the school.

Admission Requirement 



This is a 2 years course and is divided into four phases. Each phase is further divided into modules, and students are sent out for practical after each phase to Health Centers for the first and second phase and to the Primary Health Care Key Villages at the end of the third and fourth phases.


Phase 1:          Introduction:

                        Module 1:        Introduction to the course                                                                                          

                        Module 2:        Factors influencing the health of the individual and the community                       

                        Module 3:        Introduction to Health Care                                                               

                        Module 4:        Introduction to Community Nursing                                                 

                        Module 5:        First Aid                                                                                             

                        Module 6:        Basic Nursing                                                                                    

                        Module 7:        Health Education/Promotion                                                                                   

                        Module 8:        Nutrition                                

                                                                 Phase 2:        MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH                                         

                       Module 1.1:      Child Health                                                                                      

                       Module 1.2:      Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses- Case Management

                       Module 1.3:      Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illnesses  Strengthening Health Systems                       

                        Module 2:        Midwifery                                                                                          

                        Module 3:        Family Planning & Adolescents/Youth health services         


Phase 3:          COMMUNITY HEALTH

                        Module 1:        Community Health                                                                            

                        Module 2:        School Health                                                                                                

Phase 4:          VILLAGE HEALTH SERVICES                                                 

                        Module 1:        Foundation of a Village Development Committee                            

                        Module 2:        Starting a Village Health Service                                                      

                        Module 3:        Training of VHWs, TBAs and their VDC members                         

                        Module 4:        Supervising VHWs and TBAs                                                           

                        Module 5:        Supporting the VDC                                                                          



This is a 1 year course and is divided into four modules, each module is further divided into clusters and students are sent out for practical after each module. Module one, and two are spent at Hospitals and Health Centers while modules three and four practical is done at community level.



  1. Introduction
  2. Anatomy and Physiology
  3. Normal Midwifery



  1. Abnormal  Midwifery
  2. Child Health
  3. Family Planning



  1. Community Midwifery
  2. Research



  1. Management


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